Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fission at the UN?

Iran has answered questions about its past nuclear activities posed by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), but the IAEA does not believe that Iran is being completely truthful.

The IAEA’s report warns that knowledge about Iran's current nuclear program is decreasing because Iran is currently providing less information than it had previously.

The report is expected to play a crucial role in determining whether the United Nations Security Council will impose more sanctions on Iran.

International powers may, once again, find themselves at an impasse.

The United States is likely to argue that the report validates concerns that Iran is covertly developing a nuclear weapon.

Russia, China and others will almost certainly contend that as long as Iran continues to respond to questions, tougher sanctions are premature.

The Bush administration agreed with other world powers in late September 2007 to hold off on new sanctions while IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei sought Iran's cooperation in clearing up the history of its nuclear program.

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Pete said...

I suggest that no country would be prepared to be seen as an international outcast merely to pursue a peaceful nuclear program.

My post records visits from Iran on my sitemeter as follows:

- October 30, 2006 by an employee of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Tehran, who was conducting a Google search with the key words "what is nuclear simulation". As the term "nuclear simulation" usually means simulations of nuclear explosions it is intriguing that the Iranians have somewhat clumsily flagged their interest...

- November 19, 2006 unidentified person (IP from Tehran, using ISP "Area No 6 Partition" conducted Google search with key words "nuclear explosion simulation".

- March 4, 2007 someone (IP from Tehran using ISP "Iranian Research Organization" conducted Google search with key words "nuclear explosion simulation"

This all suggests an Iranian nuclear weapon development path.