Saturday, September 22, 2007

Alexei Gordeev: In Or Out?

Alexei Gordeev and Vladimir Putin have two things in common: a love of all things German and an interest in martial arts.

Gordeev, as Minister of Agriculture, oversees FKP SOYUZPLODOIMPORT, which manages trademarks of various Russian food and beverage products. FKP SOYUZPLODOIMPORT is managed by Gordeev's friend and former Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Vladimir Loginov.

One of these products is Stolichnaya vodka. FKP SOYUZPLODOIMPORT is involved in litigation with SPI INTERNATIONAL over the distribution rights. This ligitation has been costly and not always successful.

Even though Gordeev's position seems secure for now, his long term viability may depend on Loginov's ability to maintain the profitability of FKP SOYUZPLODOIMPORT's vodka sales.

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